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    Dong Hoi Junior Law College is located in Bac Ly district, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province. The total area is 150,280 m2 with an office, lecture rooms, a canteen and a sports stadium.
    It has been finishing the first period with the total area of 11.000mand it is using a dormitory, an office, lecture rooms,a canteen. 

    The office with the total area of 1.660mhas 13 loftrooms,8 function rooms and a hall

    The lecture rooms with the total area of 2.600minclude 7 classrooms and a function room
    There are sound systems, projectors, blackboards, fans, sunshades. The computer room is equipped with a lot of computers to serve for studying of students.

    The lecture room with the total area of 351mcontaining 150 students and it is equipped with sound system, a black board and a projector.

    The dormitory with the total area  of 3000mincludes 6 function rooms and 63 rooms.
    With modern designed rooms, there are bunk beds for from 6 to 8 students and there is a modern W.C in each room. There is a suitable supplying services such as electric, water. The rooms is equipped with network system. The living environment in the domitory is very healthful,ordered and safety. It is a good environment for students to form self-reliance, sense of responsibility with collective.

    Housing for staffs and guest lecturers  with a total  area of 605m2. This is the place where 45 staffs, faculties, other employees are living and studying.  In particular, planned to be located about 3 standard rooms specially to serve staff and faculty needs more preferred. They are equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, telephone, internet, Bed ... meet demand of living and working.

    Canteen for students and teachers with the total area of 2.115m2 includes  kitchen, 4 dining rooms and a refreshment area. This is the place where serves the demand of eating, drinking for  students, staffs and employees.
    Lake landscape
    Lake landscape is located on the southwest  of the campus with an area of 850m
    Other facilities
    The library has more than 120 types, more than 16,500 books and magazines started to serve the demand of reading for the students. 
    Medical room with full of equipments, medicines  using to treat common ailments, first aid when necessary and Its’ task is to check the hygiene and food safety in the whole school.
    Internet and wifi network covering the whole campus to assist students  access the Internet to serve the needs of learning and entertainment.
    In addition the system of  the yards  serve for students to exercise, play sports, such as running track, soccer, volleyball, badminton ...
    Currently, the school is continuing to implement the second phase construction, including the Library , lecture rooms, 150-seat lecture room, dormitories,  Hall - clubs, multi- stadium , Garage. The total  area of Phase II-G nearly 8,200 m2 .
    The Environment , the campus of the school has always been to preserve the green, clean and beautiful. The systems of lecture rooms ,modern equipments suit with each course. With a team of professional and enthusiasm teachers, and with supporting diverse services, It is try the best to  become the best learning environment for students.


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