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    1. Our mission
    Dong Hoi Junior Law College is one of five Junior Law College under Ministry of Justice, which was established under Decision no. 889/QĐ-BTP dated on  May 12th, 2012 by the Minister of Justice.
    The mission of Dong Hoi Junior Law College is to train law academy; participate in fostering Judiciary’s civil servants and officials professional ability; and research legal science. As one of modern, high quality Junior Law College, we commit to equip the learner the practical knowledge and skills to have qualified to compete and meet the demand of commnunity.
    2. Our vision
    Our vision is to become a leading and highly prestigious law academy training center in North Central Coast in particular and Vietnam in general. In the period of 2016-2020, we strive to be approved by Ministry’s leader to become Hanoi Law University’s campus or Central Judicial Academy.
    Dong Hoi Junior Law College - oriented development in the future to be a training base for the prestigious law in the North Central region in particular and the country in general. Striving for the period 2016-2020 was approved by the Leadership Division became the Hanoi Law University or Central Judicial Academy.
    3. Our core values
    - Sustainable development
    - Innovation
    - High quality ouput
    - Friendly working environment
    4. Our slogan: “All for our beloved students”


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