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    Law Academy Training Program in 01 years (open in local)

    WEDnesday - 23/11/2016 01:50

    Major: Law Code: 42380101 Object: Students had a high school's diploma or equivalent diploma . Types of training: Regular, non-regular

    I.Program description
    The law academy program is designed to train students to become legal workers who can do good jobs such as communal Justice, working in the civil judgment enforcement agencies in district levels and in province levels,  assisting for  lawyer's offices, notarial offices, legal consultant for businesses, professional titles and leadership of local authorities ...; having the knowledge, basic skills in the field of law; having the ability to work in local authorities, the state administrative  and local judicial, political organizations, political – social organizations, business ...; having industrial style, good  health and job stability or adaptability to life; respecting the regulations in the workplace, having good morality, good  health enough to work to meet the development requirements of themselves and of the economy - society.
    The training program includes basic knowledge in common such as: Political Education, Foreign Languages, National Defense Education, Physical Education, Information Technology and the knowledge base, in Law major the course program includes:the state and the law; organizational structure of state and the functions, duties, powers and operational principles ... of the agencies in the organizational structure of state; generalizing basic issues of common law and civil  law such as:  criminal, civil, marriage and family, commercial, financial, land, environment, labor and social security ... The courses also offers experience in practice for subjects that is suitable with students’ jobs  after graduation, such as the professional skills of civil status and authentication; popular legal education and reconciliation at grassroots level; construction and drafting common administration; enforcement; settling complaints and denunciations and solving administrative violations in local.
    After graduating from the course, students can work in a lot of agencies with many different job positions such as: communal officials ( in most positions including leadership positions), department of Justice, enforcement officials, or working at the notary offices, law offices, law consulting company, schools, enterprises...
    Law academy training program is designed to train students to become legal workers  who has law academic intermediate,good health, good  specialized knowledge and good major skills, work well as the works involving the law in the organizations in comune, in political organizations, political – social organizations….As well as they can study to improve their knowledge to meet the demand of the work.
    Students after graduating have chance to transfer to higher level according to the regulations of the law.
    III. Curiculum 
    1. Curriculum
    1.1. Minimum knowledge
    2 semesters within 1 years: 50 credits
    1.2. Structure     
    No Content Lesson, Credit
    Lesson Credit
    1 General module 210 11,5
    2 Basic module 255 15
    3 Specialized module 270 13,5
    4 Apprenticeship 10 weeks 10
    Total 735 50
    2. Details programs
    No Module name Total lesson/credit Allocation (credit)
    I General module 210/11,5 7-2,5 2-0
      Obligatory module      
    1 Political Education 45/3 3-0  
    2 Information Technology 30/1,5 1-0,5  
    3 Foreign Language 45/2 1-1  
      Condition module      
    4 National Defense Education 30/1,5 1-0,5  
    5 Physical Education 30/1,5 1-0,5  
      Selective module  (choose at least one module)      
    6 Office operation and communication skills 30/2   2-0
    II Basic module 255/15 9-2 4-0
    1 Theory of State and Law- Constitutional law 45/3 3-0  
    2 Administrative law 30/2 2-0  
    3 Criminal Law- Criminal Procedure Law 45/2 1-1  
    4 Civil Law- Civil Procedure Law 45/2 1-1  
    5 Marriage and family Law - Labor and Social Security Law 30/2 2-0  
    6 Commercial Law - Financial Law 30/2   2-0
    7 Land Law- Environment Law 30/2   2-0
    III Specialized module 270/13,5   8-5,5
      Obligatory module      
    1 Registration and management of civil status 45/2   1-1
    2 Legal education and conciliation at grassroots level 45/2   1-1
    3 Certification skills of the People's Committees at district and commune level 30/1,5   1-0,5
    4 Office administrative skills 30/1,5   1-0,5
    5 Settling complaints and denunciations and handle administrative violations in communes, wards and townships skills 30/1,5   1-0,5
    6 Drafting some common administrative documents skills 30/1,5   1-0,5
    7 Archive skills 30/2   2-0
      Selective module  (choose at least two module)      
    8 Environmental management in the commune authorities 30/1,5   1-0,5
    IV Apprenticeship and Graduation Internships      
      Apprenticeship, Graduation Internships     10 weeks
    10 credits
    Total     50
    3. Graduation
    No Subjects Form Time
    1 Political Education Writing  
    2  Theory Writing  
    3 Professional practice Writing or practice  



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