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    Activities for Vietnamese Laws’ day on November 9th 2016 of Dong Hoi junior Law college

    WEDnesday - 16/11/2016 02:46

    Responding to the Vietnamese Laws’ Day in 2016, Dong Hoi junior law college approached the theme and organized the contents of the law involving to this special day, such as organizing the Traffic Law contest , spreading the civil Code 2015, holding the ambulatory court and especially the conference to respond to the Vietnamese Laws’ Day on November 9th 2016.

    Attending to the meeting, there were teachers, PhD. Le Ve Quoc – a cell secretary, Rector, and  Masters. Vo Khac Hoan - Deputy cell secretary, Vice Rector and all the staffs, teachers and the employees.

    The conference clearly made the purpose, significance and solutions to improve efficiency in responding to the Vietnamese laws’ Day; The conference spreaded  content the law on  accessing to Information in  2016, measures to guarantee the right of access to information under the constitution of 2013 and discussed, exchanged of content related to the topic of the vietnamese laws’ day, discussed  the academic  issues related to researching, teaching and practical activities of Dong Hoi junior law college.
    This is the political activity to educate officials, teachers, workers and students to respect and abide by the law, to build legitimate state socialism; while contributing to  improve of specialized in quality and improved the quality of teachers, students in the teaching and learning activities.
    Author: Tuyet Trinh


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